Thursday 25 October 2012

Beginning the Blog

As an aspiring erotic author I'm going to kick off a blog of my own, hopefully as something that'll allow me to interact with and update readers in the future, but also as a bit of a personal record of how things are progressing and what sort of developments I see over the coming months.

So how about a little bit of an introduction!
I'm a relatively young writer, currently passing the time at home working on a second degree in English Literature after having graduated a year and a half ago with some average grades and a minorly useful qualification in Creative Arts under my belt. My days are pretty quiet, pretty free, and even with my studies I have a lot of spare time on my hands. So what does that leave me to do? Sit around at home half the day? Waste money I don't have on leisure time? Get a part-time job I'm not likely to enjoy all that much? Well, that last one sounds like the most productive option. Luckily for me I stumbled upon the world of erotic adult fiction through sites like Smashwords and Delilah Fawkes' infamous thread on the SomethingAwful forums. Writing has always been my passion, the freedom to work from home and flex my creative muscles is something I'd readily do day in day out even if I wasn't making much of a living from it. The prospect of making actual real money though, well, safe to say it's a dream come true!

While I'm still a bit of a fledgling writer in terms of my talents and accomplishments, I feel like three years of study (plus an ongoing interest in my spare time) has at the very least left me equipped to hop into the world of self publishing and get to work on something productive. I've been looking into the area of short erotic fiction for around three or four months, and publishing for the last two and a half (although that second month  ended up not being very productive - end-of-module assignments have to take priority!). So far I have seven short stories published, and my goal is to get roughly one done a week, subject to the demands of my studies. It's a slow burner, but I've sold ten titles on Smashwords, most of them very recently. From everything I understand this is a business that picks up steadily over time, and already I'm starting to see the results trickling in!

Anyway, that's enough of a ramble for my first post. See you in the future for more erotica blogging and updates on how my quest to be a professional smut-writer is going!

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