Tuesday 25 June 2013

His Darkest Desire: The Complete Collection Published!

It's finally done! His Darkest Desire: The Complete Collection contains all nine chapters of the original serial compiled as a full novel and revised from start to finish. You can grab it now for less than half the price of buying each segment individually at both Amazon and Smashwords!

Aspiring journalist Nina can't believe her luck when world-renowned author Elliot Wolf offers her a job as his typist out of the blue. Unable to pass up the opportunity she begins to work for the enigmatic Mr. Wolf, but soon realises that beneath the job offer lies a far darker desire.
Elliot Wolf likes to play games, and Nina is his latest toy. Is his interest in her superficial, or is there something genuine lingering beneath the surface?
Cruelty and kindness are two sides of Elliot's personality, but which one is the real him?
Wrestling with her desire to be dominated and her reluctance to leave herself at the mercy of a man she knows so little about, Nina soon finds herself slipping into a dark sexual world beyond anything she has ever experienced.

His Darkest Desire: The Complete Collection contains all nine chapters of the original serial novel by Claudia King, revised and re-edited.
Chapter one is also available for free download at most retailers.

Chapters 1-9 in their standalone formats have also been re-uploaded over the past couple of weeks with all of the revisions I made for The Complete Collection, so if you've already purchased any of them and feel like reading a slightly tighter, more typo-free version, then you should be able to download the updated versions from Amazon and Smashwords! Other retailers might take a little longer to get the updates, but they should appear soon.

Also, not to toot my own horn too much, but I'm darn proud of that cover I made for the compilation. I considered paying for a professional one, but after having looked through a sizeable collection of premade templates I realised that I could probably whip up something of similar quality on my own, and I didn't feel like waiting (and shelling out) for a custom-tailored one. Also it gave me a chance to play with some of the awesome new dividers and borders I recently downloaded to use with covers, and I think the swirly twirly one I picked for the title looks absolutely fantastic.

So yeah. I'm proud of that!

I guess this means His Darkest Desire is officially done. I can close the lid on my first novel and focus my creative efforts on moving forward with other projects now. Reading through it again for my edits I found plenty of things I liked, plenty I disliked, and a whole bunch of things I improved on as the series progressed. Overall, though, I think I could've certainly done a lot worse with my first novel. I don't like how shallow and one-dimensional the antagonist was, and some of the developments around the middle of the series felt a little awkward to me, but I was really happy with the emotional resolution between the hero and heroine in the final chapter.

It's a fun little erotic romp, and there are some neat ideas and moments in there that I'm pretty proud of.

Anyway! Enough self-congratulation! There's a second erotic romance novel that still needs to be wrapped up, and it's been waiting far too long for chapter seven to arrive. Time to press on with finishing up Wild Instincts!

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