Tuesday 20 August 2013

Wild Challengers Published, and The Next Novel(s)!

Whoop, it's about time! Chapter eight of Wild Instincts is all done and available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords, with other retailers soon to follow!
Everything is coming together in preparation for the dramatic conclusion in this penultimate instalment of the series, and I really like that snazzy pink filter I picked for the cover.

Lyssa and Thorne are finally together, but their old alpha has no intention of allowing the couple to live happily ever after. With the future of three werewolf packs hanging in the balance, Lyssa is forced to sit back and watch as her decisions threaten the lives of everyone around her.
But her mate is an alpha too, and Thorne's own plans may be enough to keep their newfound friends safe, if only he can embrace his leader's instinct and rise to the challenge. Tensions build as the impending conflict approaches, and Lyssa and Thorne must decide whether to leave their fates in the hands of others, or do everything they can to hold on to what they have.

This of course means that my second serial novel will be wrapping up very soon, leaving my schedule completely clear for work on new projects. With that in mind, I think it's time for another little update on my future writing plans!

In terms of clearing the backlog, I have a couple of things still left to do. My great 2013 re-edit of my earlier material only ever got half-done, so once Wild Instincts is finished I plan on going back to tidy up six of my original titles and re-package them into two bundles focused around BDSM, and kinky paranormal/monster erotica. Three of my worst selling (and least favourite, and most poorly thought out) erotic shorts will be getting the axe and disappearing from my sales lists, as I don't think the time investment in redoing them along with covers etc. is worth it, and I want to make a push towards upping the quality and consistency of my content across the board. So if you want to read the atrociously edited and dubiously purposed Erica's Desire, Erica's Instruction, and The Nympho Girl Next Door, now might be your last chance. I'll probably be pulling them from Amazon and Smashwords within the next couple of months or so. Who knows, one day those titles might reappear in a bundle somewhere, but for now they're going into retirement.

Alongside all of that I'll be publishing the completed Wild Instincts as a standalone novel at some point down the line, but that's likely to happen closer to Xmas. The really exciting news is what new content I'll be working on next. Currently I have two novels in the pre-production stage ready to get going once I wrap up my current eRom. Both of them are really solid, exciting concepts, I feel, and I just can't make up my mind which one I want to focus on.

Option 1 is an explicitly erotic story set in a vague historical/low fantasy setting, with the theme once again being BDSM. This story would be closer to His Darkest Desire in tone, with the focus being more on the sex and sexual exploration of the two main characters than the external plot (although, there will of course be a plot). What I'm interested in doing with this idea is writing a hero and heroine who aren't necessarily particularly good people; they're deeply flawed, damaged, and morally questionable in their actions, but through meeting one another and exploring their darkest sexual desires they're able to slowly understand what makes them tick, and realise that there is something good in each of them struggling to get out with the help of the right partner.

Option 2 will be a loose sequel to Wild Instincts, another eRom focused more on the romance and the story than the sex. It will be set in the same werewolf-infested forest as the first novel, and will star at least one of the existing supporting characters as the protagonist (though who it is, you'll have to wait and see! Hints will be dropped at the end of the first book). Besides that, it will be a completely new story set some time after the original, featuring some of the different werewolf packs and a whole new cast of characters. I really enjoy the werewolf societies and mythos I've been building up over the course of Wild Instincts, and I'd love to return to that setting to tell a new story with this sequel.

So which one do I choose to write? How do I decide?!
Well you know what? I'm not gonna. Variety is the spice of life after all, and I really want to get back to having multiple projects on the go at once. We're still in the very early pre-planning stages, but right now I'm pencilling in both of these novels as projects I want to start work on once Wild Instincts is finished. This'll probably mean an alternating release schedule of chapters split between the two projects, but we'll have to wait and see how it all pans out. At present I don't have any plans to return to writing erotic shorts, as I think I've made the transition into full-length serialised novels pretty firmly now.

So keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of exciting new titles coming down the pipeline in the near future! I've got a lot to be getting on with!

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