Friday 22 March 2019

The Dawn King Release - Friday March 29th!

Here we are! The final chapter of the Moon People saga is finished and available to pre-order ahead of its official release on March 29th. You can grab your copy from the following links:

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The two young lovers Adel and Jarek were torn apart by circumstance more than fifteen years ago. Since then both have built new lives among new people, but the memory of their long-lost romance still lingers. Despite the distance between them, their lives are about to collide again as the Moon and Sun People meet in an irrevocable clash that will test their loyalties and present both of them with a terrible choice. The Moon People saga concludes in the lands of the Dawn King, where Adel, Netya, Kiren, Jarek, and Caspian take their final steps along the path laid out for them by the spirits.

Friday 26 October 2018

The Dawn King Announcement


This is an update that's been long overdue on the next novel in the Moon People saga. It's finally time to talk about The Dawn King, the last chapter I currently have planned for the series, bringing the stories of Adel, Netya, Caspian, Jarek, and many more to a close.

I started the Moon People saga several years ago as an attempt at something more serious than the erotic shorts and serials I'd been writing beforehand, and I never expected to have so much passion for the characters that I'd end up writing six whole books about them. Working on The Dawn King has been an intense and at times emotionally draining experience for me, but I want to give it my all and make sure the final instalment in the series is one of the best. At present the manuscript sits at just over 130,000 words, which is already more than Sun Huntress and Sisters of Syr, and almost twice the length of Daughter of the Night. By the time it's done this one is likely to rival The Alpha's Concubine and Daughter of the Moon in length. I always considered the three shorter books in the series to be side stories that were too big to squeeze into longer novels, exploring the characters of Adel, Kiren, and Vaya while also setting up some story elements for later on. The Dawn King is very much a return to the sprawling kind of narrative seen in the first two books, bringing to a close the arcs of all the characters who will live happily ever after -- and the ones who will not.

The story itself focuses primarily on Adel and Jarek, two young lovers who were torn apart by circumstance more than fifteen years ago. Both have built new lives for themselves among new people, but the memory of their long-lost romance still lingers. Despite the distance between them, their lives are about to collide again as the Moon and Sun People meet in an irrevocable clash that will test their loyalties and present both of them with a terrible choice.
We step into the lands of the Dawn King, the great ruler of the Sun People in the east who seeks to unite the disparate tribes in his lands and drag their developing neolithic culture into a feudal age of metal. Along with Adel and Jarek, Netya, Kiren, Caspian, Fern, and Kale all have their own parts to play, with the sun wolves being forced to confront their past lives and question whether it was right to ever leave so much behind them. A tale of love and separation, duty and selflessness, loss and reunion, The Dawn King brings our characters to dark and dire new places, throwing them into conflicts that will shape the future of both the sun and moon.

I'm reluctant to give away too many specifics about the plot at this point, as events move fast and develop quickly throughout the novel, but I might drop some more hints closer to release. Those who have been waiting patiently for a conclusion to Adel and Jarek's story will have it, for good or ill, and many of the loose threads set up during the last two novels will be resolved.

At present I'm unsure when The Dawn King is going to release, but my progress on the novel has been faster than I expected for such a hefty word count. My hope is to have the first draft finished by Xmas, with the bulk of the editing taking place early in the new year. Barring any drastic complications, I expect the novel to arrive easily within the first few months of 2019.

Monday 4 June 2018

Sisters of Syr Release - Friday June 8th!

It's here! The next chapter of the Moon People saga is all finished and available to pre-order ahead of its official release on June the 8th. You can grab your copy from the following links:

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The time has come for seer Netya to take an apprentice of her own – an apprentice poisoned against her by her oldest enemy.

Vaya, the huntress Netya once shamed into exile from her pack, has returned, bringing with her six long years of animosity. Driven by old grudges and weighed down by the burden of her pride, Vaya fights to endure her indentured captivity at the hands of Netya's clan for one reason alone: her loyalty to her friend Kiren.

As Netya struggles to instruct a rebellious young Kiren in the ways of the seerhood, the ripples of Vaya's arrival stir unrest among the clan. How far is Den Mother Adel willing to go in the name of maintaining order, and what, if anything, will be able to stay her hand?

Netya, Kiren, and Vaya all have their parts to play in shaping the future of Adel's pack, but who will tip the balance during this pivotal moment – the witches, or the warriors?


If you're wondering where book three in the series went, don't worry, this is purely just a naming change. I've recently retitled the previous novel, Sun Huntress, as book three in the series, making Sisters of Syr book four. I hope everyone enjoys this latest instalment in the series!

Stay tuned for more information about the next novel coming soon.

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Sisters of Syr Cover Reveal!

Here we go! Another novel release imminent and another lovely commission from Duong Covers to celebrate. Sisters of Syr has been complete in draft form for a while now, but editing is taking some time. Due to writing this one somewhat blind compared to previous entries in the series I'm having to pour many more hours into the post-production on Sisters of Syr, since there are more significant portions that demand tweaks and rewrites than usual. That being said, I expect the novel to be hitting retailer shelves within the next two or three months!

There are a few things that have changed about Sisters of Syr since I last talked about it back in December, one of which you might have already noticed from the cover art. While this was originally planned to be book three in the Moon People Saga, I mused last time about how Sun Huntress probably should've gotten that title given its significance in the story. The more time I spent on Sisters of Syr the more story threads from Sun Huntress started creeping in, to the point where I no longer felt it was appropriate to treat the previous novel as a side entry in the main saga.
So don't be alarmed when you see Sisters of Syr labelled as book four -- you didn't accidentally miss anything! By the time the new novel releases Sun Huntress will have gotten a little rebranding with the new subtitle The Moon People, Book Three.

The second major change to Sisters of Syr is the scope of the novel. When I finished writing Daughter of the Night I originally planned Sun Huntress, Sisters of Syr, and the (currently unwritten) sixth novel in the series to all be part of the same story. That eventually changed when I split Sun Huntress off into its own thing, and toward the end of Sisters of Syr I realised that it didn't make much sense to carry on writing for another 100k+ words when I'd essentially be starting on another brand new story for the final portion of the book.
So the novel that was once planned to be book three in the Moon People Saga is now books three, four, and five. This means Sisters of Syr will end up being shorter than The Alpha's Concubine and Daughter of the Moon, but the overall pacing of the series will flow much better as a result. It didn't make much sense to try and cram three books into one, so I broke them off into more self-contained instalments.

Sisters of Syr will be arriving soon, with information on book five coming hot on its heels! Planning and outlining is already underway, and I can't wait to share the details.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Sisters of Syr Announcement!


Another novel wrapped up, another on the way! As per usual with my books, the final page of Sun Huntress revealed the title of the next instalment in The Moon People saga -- Sisters of Syr -- and now it's time for me to get into some of the details!

After two divergences from the main storyline, we finally return to what is officially book three of the series (although in retrospect, Sun Huntress probably should've taken that title!). Netya, Adel, Caspian & co. all return to the forefront alongside our Sun Huntress protagonists Kiren and Vaya, with the story picking up at the exact moment Sun Huntress ended. I hope you're up to date with your reading, because major spoilers for the series up till this point lie ahead!

A little older, a little wiser, and with a firmly established pack behind her, Netya has stepped out of her mentor's shadow to take an apprentice of her own -- the impulsive young Kiren. Is she ready to rise to this new challenge? Or is Kiren simply too much of a huntress to ever embrace the skills of a seer? Perhaps more importantly, what does the future hold now that Netya's old rival Vaya -- a woman who has sworn to kill her -- is back among them?
Adel's coven has grown, their spectre looming large over the lands around them, and Alpha Orec struggles to keep the witches' clan of warrior guardians in line. A few small cruelties are inevitable choices a leader must make, but how far is Adel willing to go to preserve the fearsome status of her pack? As rivalries old and new come into focus, past friendships are broken and new ones rebuilt. All the while the seasons turn, and the Sun People continue their forays deeper and deeper into the Moon People's territory...

Sisters of Syr is currently 50,000 words deep, with much more still to come! This novel sees a culmination of many story threads that have been building up over the last few books, focusing primarily on the internal struggles of Adel's pack and the characters that have been established thus far. We will see what kind of a leader Adel has become, what kind of a woman Netya has grown into, and whether her old rivalry with Vaya can be confronted without any more bloodshed.
Unlike previous books that have focused on a single protagonist with occasional forays into the thoughts of others, Sisters of Syr will have multiple viewpoint characters throughout. My initial plan was to follow Netya and Kiren as the primary protagonists, but once I got started writing it became clear that many other characters also had important stories to tell this time around. Needless to say that Netya, Kiren, Adel, and Vaya will all be the heroes (or villains) in their own parts of the saga, with many other characters stepping in along the way. We may also be seeing a little more of the Sun People this time around, and it might just be time for Adel to confront the tragic loss she suffered at the end of Daughter of the Night.

There's a lot more to talk about with this novel, but I can't go into too much detail without getting spoilery! It's no understatement to say that this is one that I've been looking forward to for a while. Sisters of Syr is going to be arriving at some point in 2018, but given the volume of content I have planned it's hard for me to guess at exactly when it'll hit the online shelves. More updates to come closer to release!

Saturday 12 August 2017

Sun Huntress Release!

It's here! Sun Huntress is now available for pre-order at various retailers in preparation for the book's release next Friday on August 18th!

From the blurb:

Disobedience among the great packs of the shapeshifting Moon People is to be punished, and young Kiren has disappointed her ruthless mother for the last time.

Banished with one final chance to prove herself, she is sent north on a journey to seek out the clan of the great witch Adel, a woman of terrifying renown and an old rival to Kiren's mother. Perhaps, with the witches' tutelage, she can learn the prestigious craft of a seer and finally secure the respect of her clan. But while the great packs may be at peace, ghostly strangers wander the lands of the Moon People; men who leave behind neither step nor scent.
The world beyond Kiren's den is full of mysteries, and her journey north soon becomes a quest fraught with danger as new friendships are born, romance blossoms, and the cruel bite of tragedy threatens to bring an end to the young woman's adventure. Though she is set on the path to becoming a seer, Kiren's journey will teach her of the huntress that lies within her heart.

Links to where the book can be purchased are as follows:
Google Play

I'm very excited to hear the response to this one, as it's a little different from my usual fare when it comes to writing these books. There are a few surprises along the way, some shifts in tone, and a departure from some of the signature elements of previous novels in the series. I wanted to shake up expectations this time around, and I think a side novel to the main series like this provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

Originally conceived as a subplot for book three of The Moon People saga, Sun Huntress ended up taking on a life of its own and spinning off into a separate 110,000 word novel. Throwing a cast of new characters together with some of the old, Sun Huntress returns us to the world of the Moon People five years after the events of Daughter of the Moon, paving the way for book three and planting the seeds of the tale to come.

Happy reading!

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Sun Huntress Cover Reveal!

Here we go! In all its glory (and another lovely piece of work from Duong Covers) the cover art for my upcoming novel Sun Huntress.

Work on this title has been ticking along, although a tad slower than anticipated thanks to various things happening over the holiday season and some developmental editing on the side eating into my time. That and, as always, the book will probably wind up being longer than intended. It's been an interesting one to work on, playing out somewhat differently than my previous novels in the series. I'm certainly hoping that people enjoy the unexpected turns it takes!

No release date in sight yet, but I'll post further updates when the novel is closer to going live. As with Daughter of the Night, I plan on offering free/advance copies to people signed up to my mailing list, so make sure you get in there if you're interested!