Tuesday 17 April 2018

Sisters of Syr Cover Reveal!

Here we go! Another novel release imminent and another lovely commission from Duong Covers to celebrate. Sisters of Syr has been complete in draft form for a while now, but editing is taking some time. Due to writing this one somewhat blind compared to previous entries in the series I'm having to pour many more hours into the post-production on Sisters of Syr, since there are more significant portions that demand tweaks and rewrites than usual. That being said, I expect the novel to be hitting retailer shelves within the next two or three months!

There are a few things that have changed about Sisters of Syr since I last talked about it back in December, one of which you might have already noticed from the cover art. While this was originally planned to be book three in the Moon People Saga, I mused last time about how Sun Huntress probably should've gotten that title given its significance in the story. The more time I spent on Sisters of Syr the more story threads from Sun Huntress started creeping in, to the point where I no longer felt it was appropriate to treat the previous novel as a side entry in the main saga.
So don't be alarmed when you see Sisters of Syr labelled as book four -- you didn't accidentally miss anything! By the time the new novel releases Sun Huntress will have gotten a little rebranding with the new subtitle The Moon People, Book Three.

The second major change to Sisters of Syr is the scope of the novel. When I finished writing Daughter of the Night I originally planned Sun Huntress, Sisters of Syr, and the (currently unwritten) sixth novel in the series to all be part of the same story. That eventually changed when I split Sun Huntress off into its own thing, and toward the end of Sisters of Syr I realised that it didn't make much sense to carry on writing for another 100k+ words when I'd essentially be starting on another brand new story for the final portion of the book.
So the novel that was once planned to be book three in the Moon People Saga is now books three, four, and five. This means Sisters of Syr will end up being shorter than The Alpha's Concubine and Daughter of the Moon, but the overall pacing of the series will flow much better as a result. It didn't make much sense to try and cram three books into one, so I broke them off into more self-contained instalments.

Sisters of Syr will be arriving soon, with information on book five coming hot on its heels! Planning and outlining is already underway, and I can't wait to share the details.