Friday 28 October 2016

The Alpha's Concubine is now free!

Yep, the whole book! Now that the series is expanding I have decided to make the first instalment in The Moon People saga free. You can grab copies at the following links:

Google Play

As per usual it may take slightly longer for the price drop to filter down through to some other retailers and store pages, but it should be happening soon.

The publication structure of The Alpha's Concubine was always a little awkward, since I had been used to serialising my novels at the time. As the book (and later the sequels) went on, however, I started to regret this decision, as it seemed a little confusing and out of place for a story like this. Since the entire novel is now free, I'm removing the serialised segments from stores so as not to clutter up my catalogue or cause unnecessary confusion. The only exception to this is Part One, since that edition currently holds the lion's share of the reviews for the series on most retailers. I figured I'd keep that one around for the time being until the complete novel (hopefully) gets some more reviews to let buyers know what to expect.

Aside from that, the next novel in The Moon People saga is underway! Expect more detailed news about it in the coming months.

Sunday 16 October 2016

Daughter of the Night Release!

Daughter of the Night is all done and releasing in three days on October 19th, with pre-orders now available at the following links!

Google Play

Daughter of the great Alpha Ulric, young Adel is both blessed and cursed with a will every bit as strong as her father's. She does not understand why he must send their pack's warriors to fight and die against their greatest rival, Alpha Kotal, but as a youngster and a woman there is little she can do to intervene. As blood and sorrow paint the path of her clan's destiny, Adel's future seems a hopeless one. The young seer longs for power, and the strength to create a better future for herself, but all her dreams of greatness may be less than her heart truly desires, for a chance meeting with a boy from a foreign pack reveals to Adel a different path. Perhaps, somewhere within the headstrong young woman's soul, there lies a sliver of something softer, gentler, and tender enough to steer her away from an inevitable clash of wills with her father.

It's been a breath of fresh air writing this one, and somewhat of a return to my earlier days of writing more bitesize content. Not that Daughter of the Night was a short project, by any means, but it wasn't quite the heavy 150k+ word undertaking of the last two novels in the series. I'm quite happy with the turnaround time on this one, too, given that a pretty sizeable month-long disruption of my writing schedule happened in the middle of it (there's always at least one, it seems).

In the future I plan to focus on more shorter books like this alongside weightier mainline entries in the series. My focus remains on expanding The Moon People saga, with a second shorter side novel currently in the works that will serve as a lead-in to book #3. Those who read through Daughter of the Night may be able to get a sneak peek at the title at the end!

No set schedule for when the next book will be published (hard release dates have never worked out well for me in the past), but expect to hear an update with lots of juicy details before the end of the year. My current expectation is that it will arrive within the first quarter of 2017.

Stay tuned to the blog, follow me on twitter, or sign up to my mailing list for future updates!