Saturday 27 June 2015

Daughter of the Moon - The Alpha's Concubine Sequel


So! With the previous story all wrapped up, and work on the sequel well underway, I think it's high time I started sharing some of the details on what to expect from the novel I teased in the final part of The Alpha's Concubine.

My next story, Daughter of the Moon, picks up immediately where the previous book left off, continuing to follow Netya and her companions as they strike out to make a life for themselves beyond the mountains, absent from the safety of Khelt's pack and beset by challenges on all sides as they prepare for winter.

Daughter of the Moon is likely to be published in my usual format, with a serialised edition of five parts coming first, followed by a complete novel later on. Given that this is a sequel, however, I'm considering forgoing the serial version this time around depending on how things pan out. Right now I'm leaning toward serialising again, but that's always subject to change!

The book's format will be very similar to that of its prequel, with Netya remaining the central viewpoint character, but with short forays into the supporting cast from time to time. Caspian in particular is getting a little more page time than before, and a few new (and old) faces will have chapters dedicated to them as well. The themes of coming of age, finding a place in the world, romance, and discovery will remain prevalent once again, along with some slightly darker questions of morality, and more complex relationship challenges for the heroine and hero to face.

While the initial chapters of the book focus on Adel's new pack trying to survive by themselves in a hostile world, the central conflict that manifests over time is planned to be a lot more prominent than in the previous novel. Netya and her companions have strayed beyond the lands of the Sun People, deep into the territory of their fellow wolf packs, where rival alphas vie for power both physically and socially. One powerful alpha in particular is especially incensed by the small group of seers infringing on the outskirts of his territory, and he will stop at nothing to bring them into his fold, or have them suffer the consequences of refusal.

It will fall to Netya, Caspian, Adel, and the rest of their new pack to brave the strength of their rivals, and to wrestle with the complexities of their hearts as they come to understand their new place in the world.

Work on Daughter of the Moon is ticking along nicely, and the novel is currently planned to be released in late 2015!