Monday 4 June 2018

Sisters of Syr Release - Friday June 8th!

It's here! The next chapter of the Moon People saga is all finished and available to pre-order ahead of its official release on June the 8th. You can grab your copy from the following links:

Google Play
Barnes & Noble

The time has come for seer Netya to take an apprentice of her own – an apprentice poisoned against her by her oldest enemy.

Vaya, the huntress Netya once shamed into exile from her pack, has returned, bringing with her six long years of animosity. Driven by old grudges and weighed down by the burden of her pride, Vaya fights to endure her indentured captivity at the hands of Netya's clan for one reason alone: her loyalty to her friend Kiren.

As Netya struggles to instruct a rebellious young Kiren in the ways of the seerhood, the ripples of Vaya's arrival stir unrest among the clan. How far is Den Mother Adel willing to go in the name of maintaining order, and what, if anything, will be able to stay her hand?

Netya, Kiren, and Vaya all have their parts to play in shaping the future of Adel's pack, but who will tip the balance during this pivotal moment – the witches, or the warriors?


If you're wondering where book three in the series went, don't worry, this is purely just a naming change. I've recently retitled the previous novel, Sun Huntress, as book three in the series, making Sisters of Syr book four. I hope everyone enjoys this latest instalment in the series!

Stay tuned for more information about the next novel coming soon.