Friday 22 March 2019

The Dawn King Release - Friday March 29th!

Here we are! The final chapter of the Moon People saga is finished and available to pre-order ahead of its official release on March 29th. You can grab your copy from the following links:

Google Play

The two young lovers Adel and Jarek were torn apart by circumstance more than fifteen years ago. Since then both have built new lives among new people, but the memory of their long-lost romance still lingers. Despite the distance between them, their lives are about to collide again as the Moon and Sun People meet in an irrevocable clash that will test their loyalties and present both of them with a terrible choice. The Moon People saga concludes in the lands of the Dawn King, where Adel, Netya, Kiren, Jarek, and Caspian take their final steps along the path laid out for them by the spirits.