Friday 28 October 2016

The Alpha's Concubine is now free!

Yep, the whole book! Now that the series is expanding I have decided to make the first instalment in The Moon People saga free. You can grab copies at the following links:

Google Play

As per usual it may take slightly longer for the price drop to filter down through to some other retailers and store pages, but it should be happening soon.

The publication structure of The Alpha's Concubine was always a little awkward, since I had been used to serialising my novels at the time. As the book (and later the sequels) went on, however, I started to regret this decision, as it seemed a little confusing and out of place for a story like this. Since the entire novel is now free, I'm removing the serialised segments from stores so as not to clutter up my catalogue or cause unnecessary confusion. The only exception to this is Part One, since that edition currently holds the lion's share of the reviews for the series on most retailers. I figured I'd keep that one around for the time being until the complete novel (hopefully) gets some more reviews to let buyers know what to expect.

Aside from that, the next novel in The Moon People saga is underway! Expect more detailed news about it in the coming months.

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