Monday 5 November 2012

How much is too much?

My most recent erotic short is all about rough sex - and in the process of writing it turned out to get very rough indeed. I'm not crossing any lines into weird sub-kinks or anything, but it got me thinking about the different types of erotica you can write as an author. More specifically; how kinky do you get?

The last piece I wrote was practically vanilla by comparison, and I have a feeling I could definitely get a lot naughtier and more deviant if I tried. My concern, I suppose, is that some people might read one of my lighter stories and enjoy it, then hop into Claudia King's Extreme Sex Dungeon Boogaloo (working title) and be totally put off by how filthy the story was. I know we have things like tags and descriptions for that, but it's still something that's on my mind when writing a new piece that strays into kinkier territory. Honestly I think most people are probably pretty open about mega-dirty stories if the writer pulls them off well, and I'd definitely prefer to be an author that dabbles into too many kinks than too few, but you always have those little niggles about it.
So I'm wondering, what do most people "expect" from your average erotic short? What's a standard vanilla encounter likely to include? What's a staple BDSM story? Are people upset when anal sex isn't explicitly mentioned in the book title?

I'll put it all down on my list of things to learn. And I'll get back to finishing up my rough sex extravaganza.


  1. For me, those are all tricky questions. I find most erotica out there nowhere near what I want to read - I don't like BDSM (especially M/F, heck I don't like M/anything, really, which is almost all erotica I find) not into many kinks, and yet that seems to be a majority of it. I'm too the point where vanilla sex is refreshing, haha!

    Personally I prefer writing about what goes on in the brain during sex, hence my leaning towards erotic romance instead of straight up erotica. Insecurities, demons, even that pesky love thing and the many ways it's expressed. That and some good descriptions are what make me happy, ultimately.

    SO I guess that no matter what you end up doing, there's always an audience for it, and it's probably more popular than you think~

    1. I definitely agree with you on writing about what goes on in the brain! A couple of times I've found myself getting bored with a sex scene, only to realise it's because I've barely touched on the psychological side of it at all. Spicing up the naughtiness through the emotions involved as well as the descriptions can really turn an average piece into a fantastic one!