Monday 28 October 2013

Sneak Peek: Broken Moon (Wild Instincts Sequel)

I've been toying with a few different ideas for blog articles this week, but when I got up this morning my brain really didn't feel up to getting in-depth and intellectual about sex or writing or literary critique, so instead I've decided I'm going to gush about my upcoming novel instead!
Very minor spoilers ahead, but since the first chapter isn't even finished yet you don't have to worry too much about me revealing anything beyond the bare-bones of the plot. Heck, even the blurb will probably end up containing more spoilers than this!

Broken Moon, a serialised paranormal romance, is a loose sequel to my previous book Wild Instincts, taking place a couple of years after the original and featuring the original book's antagonist Cyan as the hero.
Yep, Cyan the nasty, domineering, predatory alpha who tried his very best to keep the hero and heroine of the last book apart, culminating is some pretty unforgivable actions on his part.

As the title implies, Cyan is a deeply damaged individual by the time we meet him in Broken Moon. He's undergone some rehabilitation since his days of villainy in Wild Instincts, but he still has a lot to atone for. The story centres around Cyan's discovery of the reclusive Highland Pack, a brand new bunch of werewolves who have their own collection of problems to deal with, both internally and externally.

April, a young Highland Pack werewolf, is caught in an uncertain spot in her life where the pull of her instinct urges her to settle down and conform to the expectations of her peers, while her human side longs for something more than the arranged mating and female responsibilities she is destined for.

When April's sheltered life is viciously torn apart before her eyes, the only source of comfort to be found within her rigorously structured community comes from the wild outsider Cyan.

Forbidden romance, love and loss, guilt, redemption, and a healthy dollop of intrigue will be the main themes of April and Cyan's story, and you can bet there's going to be a whole lot more along the way!

Broken Moon is intended to work as a standalone novel, but a lot of Cyan's development will naturally be linked to the events of Wild Instincts, which should hopefully mean there's plenty for fans of the first book to sink their teeth into without alienating new readers!

This time I'm going for a third person omniscient perspective rather than limiting myself to one character. There will be frequent perspective shifts between April and Cyan as we experience both halves of their romance, and already I'm totally digging the freedom to hop between heads and explore exactly what makes both characters tick!

While Wild Instincts started out as a erotic romance, the way the story developed often had me coming up with excuses for the sex, rather than it occurring as a natural part of the story. With that in mind I've decided to go for a straight up romance theme with Broken Moon so that I don't feel shackled down by the obligation to throw in a gazillion sex scenes. Don't worry, though, I can assure you that this book will still be very steamy from the start, with plenty of sizzling and sensual scenes between the main characters. I still love writing sex, after all, I just want it to feel like a treat rather than a once-per-chapter necessity.

I can't give an exact timeframe for when the first chapter will be out, or on how long the novel will end up being (though you can pencil in nine parts/100k words like the previous book), but chapter one is currently around a third finished and should be out some time in November.

I also have another erotica bundle in the works that should hit the shelves in a week or two, so keep an eye out for that!

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