Saturday 23 November 2013

Broken Moon - Part 1 Published!

Here it is! The first chapter of my brand new serial and sequel to Wild Instincts is now available to purchase on Amazon and Smashwords, with other retailers to follow!

Safety, security, and the promise of a doting mate. Everything a young female could wish for amongst the isolated Highland Pack -- and all things April has no choice in.
Part of her longs for more. For a relationship of passion rather than necessity, a life of discovery rather than obedience, and a future as something more than a mother to the next generation of werewolves born to her pack.

But the Highland wolves are strict in their rules, resistant to outside influences and viciously protective of their way of life.
When tragedy tears April's world apart, her only hope for salvation lies with a lone wolf from outside the pack; an exiled alpha with a dark past.
Is the Highland Pack's strict way of life the price she must pay for a safe future? Or is there something more for her waiting in the arms of the outsider, even when it sets a chain of events in motion that threaten to drive a dangerous divide between the wolves of the Highland Pack?

Romance, drama, intrigue, and a generous helping of steamy sex are all on the menu for this novel, and I'm more excited about it than any of my previously published titles!

As usual the current plan is to have it stretch over nine parts, and the total length should wind up at something in the ballpark of ~100k words. Unlike my previous novels and shorts this one is going to edge closer to romance than it is erotica, though sex is still going to be a prominent theme, and there'll be plenty of it in the chapters to come!

This is also the first story I've written that's been conceived as a novel from the very start. His Darkest Desire and Wild Instincts were initially short multi-part serials in my mind that later developed into novels, but with Broken Moon I know exactly what it's going to be right off the bat.
As a result I'm hoping it'll turn out to be a much better, tighter, more engaging story. I have a lot of stuff planned out already, and spent a long time fleshing out the characters and their personalities beforehand compared to my previous books, along with concocting a whole bunch of heartstring-tugging ideas for future plot developments!

It's early days yet, but I have high hopes for Broken Moon!

As the Xmas season closes in I'll be working on chapter two, along with starting another editing pass on the compiled edition of Wild Instincts. I'll also be posting more thoughts about my first year in self publishing next week!

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