Monday 13 April 2015

The Alpha's Concubine - Part Three Published!

Amazon took a while longer than usual to get this one through the system, but part three of The Alpha's Concubine is now up and available to purchase on Amazon, Smashwords, and Google Play, with other retailers to follow as per usual!

Winter is upon the pack. The rift between the alpha and den mother runs deep, and Netya's voice is a small one between such powerful leaders. With no status of her own, there is little she can do but remain in her place at Khelt's side.
But as a new season dawns, and the great hunt draws near, there may be a chance for Netya to elevate herself in the eyes of the pack. A test of both strength and spirit awaits her, and it is one that Vaya has no intention of allowing the Sun girl to pass through unscathed.
The hunt may be a dangerous place for one of her kind, but the desires of Netya's own heart are equally challenging. Is love something that can be found as the alpha's consort? Or is there another to whom her heart is now being called?

Things are heating up a lot for Netya in this instalment of the series, and between you and me it's one of my favourites. Keep an eye out for part four on April 25th!

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