Tuesday 12 April 2016

Daughter of the Moon Cover Reveal

Ta-dah! Many thanks to the lovely Ravven for her continued work on the covers for this series. I hope everyone's as thrilled about it as I am!

With the cover done and the main writing on the novel finished, Daughter of the Moon is going to be arriving very soon now. I had hoped to get this book wrapped up several months ago, but in typical tradition for me my latest novel has wound up once again being my longest and most plagued with interruptions from the real world.

I don't have a release date set in stone yet, as the book still has to go through some editing and proofing before it's ready grace your e-reader of choice, but we're on the final stretch!

Those on my mailing list can expect an email to notify you immediately once the book is live, but expect an announcement here as well and via my twitter as per usual. Breaking with the way I've handled past releases, Daughter of the Moon will not be serialised, so the entire story will be available to purchase as a complete novel right from day one.

Expect more updates and some juicy information on my next project(s) soon!

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