Tuesday 14 May 2013

Free Paranormal Erotica!

  Oh my gosh! Well, that serves me right for writing up a different blog post because Amazon are being too slow to price match. Wild Instincts is now free to download on Amazon and Smashwords!

  Every werewolf has an instinct. Lyssa's is to submit.
While the human part of Lyssa rebels against the iron fist of her domineering alpha, the wolf in her is unable to resist his every advance. Caught between the primal draw of her instincts and her desire for independence, she finds comfort in the company of Hawthorne, another wolf living on the outskirts of the pack hierarchy. But as Lyssa's attraction to Hawthorne grows, she realises that his instinct may prove to be even more dangerous than her own.
  The alpha is watching them, and Lyssa must learn to control her animal nature, or be consumed by it.

  This is my current ongoing serial, and parts 2-5 are also available to purchase, with part 6 coming soon! I've especially enjoyed writing this one, and as my second full erotic novel I feel like it's shaping up to be a pretty solid one. Don't take my word for it though, take a look for yourself and see what you think! It's free!

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