Friday 31 May 2013

Wild Trials Published!

  Despite a few teething troubles, part six of Wild Instincts is finished and available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords! As usual, the extended wait means it's another long one, and as the story edges towards the end of its second act Lyssa has plenty of new things to discover as she gets to know the Wood Pack.

  After tracking down another pack of werewolves, Lyssa and Hawthorn are finally safe. For now. But with Thorne's past hanging over him, his fate amongst the pack that once cast him out is called into question yet again, leaving Lyssa struggling to cope with her instinct alone as the alpha ponders her lover's fate.
  The idyllic community of the Wood Pack holds the promise of new friends, and a fresh start for the two young wolves; but first they must earn their place among them, and endure the trials of separation.
  12000 word erotic short story featuring graphic descriptions of sex. Not for the faint of heart!

  I've been focusing pretty exclusively on my werewolf serial for quite a while now, and the current plan is still to wrap it up within the next three parts. The possibility of a sequel did pique my interest a little while ago, but I certainly don't plan to jump into any new sexy adventures for Lyssa & co right off the bat. I feel like the paranormal world of shapeshifters I've created for her is one that's worth revisiting at some point. I really like the idea of all the different werewolf packs out there in the woods and how their different societies might operate, plus the concept of "instincts" was a big favourite of mine that got me sold on writing the series in the first place. Nothing's set in stone, but unlike His Darkest Desire, Wild Instincts does very much have the potential to warrant a full sequel at some point.

  Aside from that, it's obvious that I'm going to have to find some new writing projects to fill my schedule with pretty soon. I'm still no closer to pinning down a solid outline for my next eRom serial, but I do have one or two ideas I'd like to include:
  - A shifting of perspective between the hero and heroine (probably told in the third person).
  - A slightly darker and/or more erotic tone.
  - A different subgenre than my previous stories -- something that isn't contemporary or paranormal.

  Historical fiction is still a strong candidate for the next one, and I'd like to try and wind things back to the whole idea of the heroine's (and maybe the hero's) journey of sexual discovery, similar to the premise of His Darkest Desire. Wild Instincts is, overall, pretty story driven. The sex is there to explore the characters and their relationships, but it's not really the driving force behind what happens most of the time. I'd like to get a little dirtier again, focusing on more kinky and taboo themes, and going on a journey with the characters as they experience them.

  One other item on the agenda is to re-edit and publish my first eRom as a full novel. This one has been sitting on the backburner for far longer than I expected, and it's high time I got it done. I'm going to be making it a priority in the coming weeks to start working my way through the first chapters of His Darkest Desire to polish up the quality and compile them together into their own ebook.

  The next big release should still be Wild Instincts #7, but I'll be fiddling around with my other projects as well behind the scenes!

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