Friday 28 December 2012

Back Home, Upcoming Plans, and Amazon Freebie!

I'm back from visiting relatives, yay! There's nothing like recharging your writing batteries than being dragged away from the keyboard for a few days. I expected to have a couple of weeks in between releases over Xmas, but with 3000 words already under my belt for the next instalment of His Darkest Desire it's looking like it might be out by the end of the weekend!

So, time for an update on my writing plans! I'm really getting into my eRom now that it's verging into juicy plot developments and lots of drama, and my current plan is to conclude it within three more parts. Depending on how it pans out there might be one or two more, but we'll see!
After that I want to get to work on my paranormal werewolf eRom idea, and I can see erotic romance becoming more of a focus for me in the future. It seems to do very well from a financial perspective, and more importantly it's more compelling for me to write. That's not to say I'm going to stop with plain smut (I still have plenty of ideas to dip into!), but I expect I'll always have at least one eRom on the go over the coming months.

But on to what's really been exciting me since last night, Amazon have price matched Tempted to Submit, and it's now free! This title's been free on Smashwords for a while, but in just a couple of days the Amazon version has already gotten hundreds of downloads and is currently sitting at #32 in the erotica category! My story's up there next to a bunch of names that inspired me to start as an erotic author in the first place!
So, I mean, I'm a little giddy. I'm not making a bazillion dollars from it (yet!), but the sheer amount of exposure my little story's getting has me over the moon.

Another blog post soon, along with another erotic short to publish!

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